Photography has always been a big part of my life, from the early days shooting music events in Melbourne and Sydney to these days finding myself standing on a rocky point waiting to catch the wave of the day as the sun rises. During the week of course you can see me running around town with a camera bag over my shoulder and with a tripod in hand.

The most important aspect I find that gets the best shot is time of day. This varies depending on the aspect of the property. If the property looks west, I try to shoot them in the morning and if the property faces east than it gets booked in for the afternoon. Night shoots and dusk shots are fun to do as well. This requires a little more planning on my behalf but for some properties it can really portray the right look for it.

Once the shots have been taken I’ll get back to the office and start processing them. This involves using a balance between Adobe Lightroom and the infamous Adobe Photoshop. There’s no limit to what you can do or in this case make the property look like in its final form.

I find the less in more approach to be most effective. Sure I could add in sunsets take out power lines and clean up the front lawn or completely remove a neighbouring building. This to me is deceptive and may result in a negative first impression on your property. It is very frustrating for a prospective buyer and the first comment they make is “this doesn’t look anything like the ad.”

We are far from the days of a property manager just using their phone to take the advertising photos for a property and the sales agent selling their client expensive over the top sales photos. At Leasing Melbourne, we treat the rental and sales advertising the same. We prefer to see that you get the most out of your advertising dollar anytime your property is online.

What’s in my bag?

No tricks here just good quality gear, starting off with my trusty Nikon D810 with the Nikon 14-24mm 2.8 Lens attached to it and kept very stable with a Gitzo tripod. Also inside my Crumpler bag are spares, memory cards, batteries, grey cards and a Nikon Sb910 (just in case).

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January 10, 2017